Friday, August 22, 2008

3 months

Hi Everyone

Long time no blog! It has been an amazing 3 months, rich and intense.

First up, I mentioned that I began going to the local gym to try and put some weight on. I also promised more photos of my progress. At the height of my fast I was 62.5kg, I then stabalised at 64.5kg and had trouble gaining any more weight on my version of Doug Graham's 80/10/10 diet, despite going to the gym 3-4 times a week. I also felt tired and less than 100% well - something was definitely missing from my diet. I began taking superfoods again to see if they would help and to be honest, they didn't do it for me. Then one day I had a huge craving for fish. I decided to trust my body rather than force a raw vegan ideal on it and the result was dramatic. Within minutes of eating the fish I felt energy and balance return to my body and I clear message that there was something in the fish which I needed. I know I will appear a heretic to some of my raw vegan and vegetarian friends and colleagues, however, fish once a week, raw or lightly steamed has made a huge difference to my health and sense of well-being. My diet is currently raw vegan apart from the weekly fish.

I can say from my own experience that for my body, Doug Grahams "One Size Fits All" 80/10/10 diet does not work for everyone. While I felt great initially on the 80/10/10 after a couple of months I felt depleted and ended up with my flu in over 5.5 years. For me the 80/10/10 is a great cleanse but not a sustainable diet.

From this experience I revisited William Wollcotts "Metabolic Typing Diet" to better understand why some people thrive on certain diets like the 80/10/10 and others suffer. Metabolic typing distinguishes 3 main body types, Carbohydrate, Protein and Mixed and while I do not agree with it all it seems to have some merit. I am a mixed type and do well on a mostly raw vegan diet with a small amount of animal protein. According the Metabolic Typing principle, to do well on a vegan diet you need to be a Carbohydrate body type.

I have been going to the gym 3-4 times a week and doing a combination of low repetition heavy weights (reaching muscle fatigue in 8-12 reps) x 4 sets. Plus some high rep classes like Body Pump as well as 20 to 40 minutes of cardio (running or Cross Trainer) A total of 1 to 1.5 hours per session.

How do I feel? Like superman! I knew that strenuous exercise made me feel good, though I didn't push myself on a regular basis. Having a program to work with and being consistent especially with the low rep heavy weights has made an enormous difference: I feel stronger, my posture has become more erect and my mind is clearer. Hard training on a regular basis really works for me.

What have I been eating?

I begin the day with a super charged green smoothie which includes three heaped tablespoons of hempseed protein powder, 1 tablespoon of bee pollen, 1 tablespoon of lucuma powder, 1 tea spoon of raw cacao nibs, 1 tea spoon of raw cacao powder, 1 teaspoon of raw cacao butter, 1 table spoon of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of Inliven superfood probiotic,1 teaspoon purple corn extract, 1 teaspoon AFA blue green Algae, 1/2 a drinking coconut (flesh and water) 5-6 bananas, 150g of leafy greens (baby spinach or kale) 500ml of alkaline water. Yum!

In case you were wondering where to find all these exotic superfoods North America cl.ick here and Australia cl.ick here

This smoothie sustains me for 4-5 hours!

Runi has a similar smoothie without the bee pollen (she is allergic to it) with Inliven and only one banana (she is a Proten Metabolic type and doesn't do so well on so much sweet fruit)

I am including more fat in my diet now, including a few handfuls of nuts and an avocado daily plus some coconut oil and cacao butter. I simply wasn't putting on any weight on a low fat 80/10/10 diet and eating the quantity of fruit suggested did my head in. I also eat lots of leafy green salads with sea vegetables like kelp and dulse.

Ok, I am sure you have all been waiting for the photos :-) The photo on the left was taken on day seven of a fast and after 3 months on the 80/10/10 diet - I weighed 62.5kg. The other photos are take three months later at 70kg. My goal was 72kg, though I may even try on 75kg as I feel great having some muscle and Runi likes it! By the way, my body turns 47 in one weeks time.

We have been very lucky to have help in creating a new fantastic Green Smoothie Challenge website which will be operational early next week. If you haven't done the challenge or would like to revisit it the next official dates are September 7th to 20th 2008. Its a free inspirational online health program in which over 2000 people have participated so far.

Hep C update
For those of you with Hep C, I have been able to keep my liver healthy on a raw food diet without the usual recommended liver herbs - I have had normal liver function readings for over 4 years now and no sign of swelling, fibre or fatty deposits in ultrasounds. However, I do still have a high viral load. My goal is to be 100% free of the virus itself and I am presently experimenting with MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) Jim Humble the main MMS advocate claims it can clear and extraordinary number of diseases including Aids, hep C and malaria to name a few. I will let you know how I go. For more info visit

Enjoy life to the max!

Blessings to all



coachjr said...

Hi Runi, How are you, feeling fine and strong i hope!

I was forwarded your blog post by my wife, Anne who follows your website/blogs and often orders from you guys.

I have also been occasionally reading your blogs, background, activities etc, and do appreciate some of your ideas.

As a cyclist, triathlete, runner, and professional coach in these domains, as well as a raw-fooder and promoting raw food sports nutrition in my coaching/on my website, i was interested to read your comments on the 80/10/10 experience that you mention in your latest blog.

Whilst i agree with you, (and through experiences of my own) that "one size doesn't fit all" and that some pp do thrive on the 80/10/10 whilst others do not or even suffer, however i must ask you what exactly do you mean by "your version of the 80/10/10"? as you mention that you tried "your version of this.

May i ask if you actually tried the "complete version" of 80/10/10 as suggested by D.G, or did you just study the book and then "tried your version of it"?

Now although, as i mention, earlier, i do not think that "one size fits all", i do however, believe in trying out any regimen its "correct version" before deciding that it doesn't work either for me or for all. And especially before going public and suggesting any ideas contrary to anyones studied lifestyle/regimen/diet or other.
You also mention that the amount of fresh fruit "did your head in" and that "you wasn't putting on any weight" but since changing to whatever regimen you follow now, that you are putting on weight and show some photos to compare. Well to be honest Runi, i don't see any difference!
Also if your goal is to put on more weight, then be aware that actual muscle doesn't put on much weight at all! Any weight increase that you are experiencing is now more down to fat accumulating in the body due to your increased fat intake.
Also, for sure you are a lightweight guy at 64.5 kgs, (like myself), but looking at your given natural skeletal build then that weight is about your appx physiological correct weight.
As i mention, any extra weight above this is not due to additional muscle, it is due to a fat increase in your body's constitution.
I cannot agree with you on this, and your information that you are giving here is misleading.

Concerning myself, i followed D.G's 80/10/10 and did find some things lacking in my vitality and in some other aspects of the 80/10/10, as advised by D.G, even in respecting the food combinations etc. But once again, i do believe that "one size doesn't fit all", but again, i do believe that any type of regimen such as the 80/10/10 must be followed as closely as possible from the start before one tries to "follow their own version' or proclaim that it is not for everyone.
Also the 80/10/10 does take a while to "kick in" before one reaps the benefits of it.
Now i am not a follower of D.G or any other raw guru. I find flaws or incompatibilities in all the regimens suggested, however, i do believe that there is good ideas in each of them.
Once again, coming back to your comment that "one size doesn't fit all", then yes i agree with you,that everyone is different, some are not suited to either the 80/10/10 or pure 100% raw food lifestyle, and therefore in the advice that i give to my athletes that want to follow a raw food sports nutrition plan, i do counsel them on experimenting on finding out what suits them best, instead of following blindly any single raw food "guru".
However, i base this on a range of experiences, not only on myself, but also on athletes of all levels who i coach or counsel in sports nutrition who follow a raw food sports nutrition regimen.
From what i read, you base your advise on your sole experience of three months or so of following a workout program and 'body pump" 5 to 6 times a week at the local gym. Although this is a good start, it hardly qualifies for what i would call a proven example. It also forces me to ask you, "is it a base of good advice to share with others"?
Obviously you seem to have made progress in your sporting goals and built up your health and strength, which is always good to see. However, my point is, you are basing your whole blog on this on a misleading base, which is: "your version of the 80/10/10"
Had you followed (you may of, but you fail to mention this in your blog)a 100% D.G's 80/10/10 for a good few months at least, then i would be more open to say that your ideas are valid, however, as you did not (or so it appears) then i really cannot really take serious your advice, nor would i have of, in your place, taken on the responsibility to share that opinion with others, even though it is, of course, your blog.

Finding a correct regimen/lifestyle is a ongoing quest for all,and as you do mention, one size doesn't fit all, but however, to negate a regimen such as 80/10/10 without seriously following it for any extended amount of time, and understanding that it is not just about putting on weight, but providing the body with essential nutrients to thrive is the actual optimal goal of the 80/10/10.
It seems that your goal is to put on weight, for others it is the contrary. But putting on weight at what price? To have a high fat content in the blood? To have layers of fat to have extra weight, as muscle does not consist of much total body weight at all?
Can you validate that having a higher fat regimen does not slow down the metabolism?

In conclusion, whilst i appreciate your sharing of experience, i really do think that you should be conscious of backing up your statements with some broader across the range facts and not just your 3 month or so experience.

Have a great day Runi,
yours in raw athlete health and sport

J-R Campion
0448 105013

Anand and Runi said...

Hi J-R
Thanks for your comments. To clarify I tried the 80/10/10 "by the book" for 2 months (before I adjusted it) and found the amount of fruit needed did not agree with me. I felt like I was on speed, very jittery and uptight. I trust my body to give me the answers and this was a clear message to me that this amount of fruit was not working. I don't claim that what I say is the truth, however, it is my experience. I also know I am not alone in my experience of the 80/10/10 and I stand by my personal experience not any book or theory.
Doug promotes a one diet fits all approach and I disagree. That's all.

Have an awesome day

Anand (BTW Runi is my partner)

Anand and Runi said...

I forgot to ask you JR,

What's your personal experience of the 80/10/10 and other approaches yo diet?



coachjr said...

Hi Anand
Sorry for the name mix up,oops!

Thats weird for the feeling that you have experienced of being jittery and uptight from so much fresh fruit. Maybe a higher than you thought fat intake was causing it?

My own experience with the 80/10/10 was that it takes time to adapt to it, and it is hard to get all the calories that one needs from it. Also, that during the winter months when there are less variety of fruits available, it becomes quite hard and somewhat monotonous, as bananas are great, but for sure, one can get a little fed up of them!

However, in all, i find that the basis of the 80/10/10 is ideal for athletes concerning quality carb intake, and recovery food/smoothies/drinks. For example, the nutritional value of a banana is undeniably like a super-food for athletes with all the nutrients necessary.
I believe that the 80/10/10 is that it is a good basis of a healthy regimen.

And whilst i do agree that it may not suit everyone, just as is the case with any type of raw food (or other) regimen, i do believe that
the 80/10/10 regimen idea of reducing fat in a raw regimen is advantageous.
I know that by reducing fat in my daily intake to as much as possible to the 10% mark, it helped my digestion and vitality issues that i experienced on a regular "raw regimen".

In all, i do encourage pp to experiment with the 80/10/10, and give it time to reap the benefits, but never loose sight, just as you rightly mention Anand, that "one size doesn't fit all". There are many "gurus" out there but
remember to try, research, read between the lines, and experiment to find the optimal health, vitality and happiness in what you eat in a wholesome organic raw food world!

Heres to you Anand and your continued improving health and sporting progress! Cheers!

Yours in raw athlete health and sport,
J-R Campion.

Sonshine said...

Hey there,

Just wanted to say thank-you for sharing the complete and honest truth about your diet. This blog is exactly what I need to see and hear.

I had a similar circumstance - but with chicken and so now on occasions - as my body craves I eat chicken.
Thanks for not being afraid to expose what's really happening in your life...this is the BIGGEST encouragement.

kahunaman63 said...

I have been slowly moving into the raw foods slowly for a little while now and feeling better for it. I have been receiving your newsletter for some while also which has helped me along. One thing that keeps popping up in recipes that I cannot find is fresh coconuts, for the meat & water. Can you tell me where I can get them from on the gold coast please.

thank you
Steven :-))

Anand and Runi said...

Hi Steven
You can pick up fresh drinking coconuts at most good Asian supermarkets as well as Woolworths and Coles. They don't look like coconuts as the outer skin has been shaved off. Let me know how you go! Blessings Anand

kahunaman63 said...

Thank you. I am keen to try out the smoothie recipe on your post. I do not remember seeing them at coles or woolies but then I usually just get a couple of things I cannot get (or are cheaper) than the health food shops. Will look closer. Ta. Steven :-)) said...

How is the MMS going?

p.s. Miss your blog posts. :)